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Talented Africa (Abbreviated as TA) is an African Talent Competition show joining all the African countries on one stage performing different skills, talents, among others. We want the world and generations to receive Africa in different way hence promoting unity among the African countries. We also want to have a proud African generation in years to come. This show is created by Anthony Kabugo Nyanzi Founder and C.E.O International Music African Academy which is the official Sponsor.

Our aim is to unveil Africa in more than words through arts and cultural explosion which is to create a common bond where Africans share same emotions, ideas which will remain a magical even, rare, without equal & for this reason worthy of universal recognition.


Our vision is to unify Africa through skills and talent.
Our values is to recognize the full worth of all the skills and talents in Africa accordingly.
Every skill & talent is welcomed because according to us every talent matters.
It’s time for African skills and Talents to be recognized globally.
So every nation is welcome to participate.